17 September 2019

Chairman’s Update

Dear Members

At the last Annual General Meeting, I spoke about the importance and need for transformation as a club, including the club house and in terms of what we offer members, the local community and the playing public, in order to remain viable and relevant.

Since that time, the Board has progressed with a Request for Proposal (RFP) as was referred to in the communication to members in May 2019. The RFP was not about developing the final plan, but seeking expressions from interested parties to understand concepts around best use of our owned land assets that addressed our specific needs and in partnering with a developer which allowed for part of the lands to be developed to fund all requirements. Through that process, we will be able to have a new quality clubhouse facility, better access and modern amenities, an improved course standard, a community hub environment and which allows the preferred party to use part of the lands in a suitable commercial development as appropriate compensation.

The RFP has been a thorough and detailed process to identify the preferred partners, who we can then invest greater time to develop more final plans, financial arrangements and designs. The process has helped us to develop clarity on what options exist for the land’s development, what range of financial arrangements are possible, what design concepts are preferred to progress over time towards more final details and assess the alignment of interests of the club with potential partners.

I am pleased after a 6-7-month process that the Transformation Committee has completed its due diligence, and its recommendation was endorsed by the Board last week.

In the coming 1-2 months, it is the intent for the Club to enter into an interim partnership agreement/understanding with our preferred partner from the RFP process. The successful group is a consortium of two outstanding organisations, namely Taylor Construction Group, a leading construction and property development company and the Mark Moran Group, a leading operator and owner of independent living and aged care facilities.

Over the next several months, once the agreements are finalised, the Board and the partners will carefully progress more detailed and final plans, designs and related arrangements that after appropriate consultation with members (and including ultimately an EGM) and other stakeholders can be prepared into a development application to Council.

There is much to do and consider as we develop more final details and we will consult with members in stages to ensure clarity and transparency as and when we have more detail developed to share.

I will take the opportunity at the coming Annual General Meeting on 30 October 2019 to speak a little more about the current status, our proposed partners and what the roadmap is for the coming year towards agreeing a final plan.

The Board is excited about the progress made to date and the prospects for our future. Equally, I know the proposed partners, Taylor and Mark Moran are equally excited about the opportunity and to build a long-term relationship with the Club and our future facilities and operations.

Look forward to seeing you at the AGM

Personal Regards

John Rumpler