Good afternoon members,

I was in the middle of producing an email bringing everyone up to speed on what’s been going on around the place when we were hit with a ferocious storm Tuesday afternoon.

It hit with such force that we have several dozen trees and limbs down around the course as well as the power lines that run from Deepwater Road to the Green Keepers shed. Tiles were blown off the Clubhouse roof and into the carpark out the back of the club. Luckily no one was badly hurt. As a result the course will be shut today and tomorrow (Wednesday and Thursday). If Ausgrid have not fixed the power lines by then I will make a decision about Friday on Thursday afternoon. I have a roofer coming Thursday to secure any lose tiles and put up some temporary tarping, there will also be an arborist on site tomorrow to assess the damage and discuss our next steps.

With regards to the competition on Tuesday in accordance with the R&A and in consultation with Golf NSW the whole competition was cancelled.

The Landscapes Solutions crew are working tirelessly to get the course playable for Saturday and I would like to thank you for your understanding and co-operation with this matter.

The original email……

I thought it was about time I sent out some general updates with regards to what’s going on around the club.

Sunday 24th November, we participated in the annual Willoughby Shield which this year was hosted by Chatswood. This event is played between us, Chatswood and Northbridge, the 3 courses in the municipality of Willoughby and I believe has been running since 1965. The format is a male and female partner play 2bbb Stableford. The scores from each pair are added together and the club with the most points…WINS!  Historically it is won by the host club, however this year we were victorious in bringing the Shield back to Castlecove!!

I would like to thank those that played, yes, I’m going to name everyone!


Robyn Hobbs and John Rumpler 41 points

Rhonda Hamilton and Paul Clark 41 points

Eleanor Brasch and Greg Daniels 37 points

Kerrie Morris and Gareth Parker 40 points

Carol Jones and Ron Whyte 38 points

Millie Lulic and John Diggins 34 points

Marian Inverarity and Ian Manton-Hall 38 points

Robin Hazeldine and Bryce Robson 43 points

Giving us a total of 312 points which was enough to beat the home club Chatswood who had 299 and Northbridge who had 280 points. A fantastic effort for all those involved for not only giving up their Sunday to represent the club but for playing so well.

You may have noticed that we have all new rakes on the bunkers. These were purchased with the money in our Golf Course Fund which is made up of the $3 members pay as part of their competition fee. As per one of my previous emails, the correct way to place a rake back in the bunker is IN the bunker with the rake running in the same direction as the hole.

There were some concerns regarding the water coming out of the bubblers on the course. I have had a plumber on site and he replaced the RPZ valve and he and I tested the water and it is all good. He believes it was just air in the line, nothing sinister.


Kate Macdouall