Captains Report March.

Dear Fellow Members,

It seems we can’t win, the heat finally slows, the rains come, the course looks wonderful, the debris has been cleared and everything back to normal and then it RAINS, again and again. Consequently the 1st NSW Golf medal was cancelled on Wednesday. This will be made up later in the year. Very good news to see an 18 hole group on the Thursday again, hopefully this group will grow.

Well I had this letter ready to publish last week but decided to wait – just as well – add Corona Virus to the above and all the programs change.

From this Wednesday we will be playing stableford only with all the regulations that Kate has let you know about, so no Ambrose this week. Although the Fixture Book has now been corrected and uploaded onto the Club website, we will have to ignore it, as all special comps such as the Club Championships are cancelled, as are all the special days such as the Vets Visitor Day and Cancer Council morning tea. 

Congratulations to Millie Lulic on winning the Norma Scott Trophy and more importantly having a ‘hat trick’ of wins. Keep it up Millie.

Easter Monday – Thank you to the Pro shop for organising a time sheet for the 9-hole golfers to join the day on Easter Monday. Unfortunately, the event as was planned is now cancelled. There will be an Open Competition if the course is still open. 

We still have no nominations for the new golf committee. I urge everyone to give this a great deal of thought. There are many changes and improvements about to happen at our club and this is your chance to have a say.  Please give it some thought.

Thank you to Kate for her excellent communication on the number of improvements/repairs that are about to be commenced or have been enacted on the course and in the club house. If there are things you feel need improving on both the course or in the club house or any other matters regarding golf or the golfing program – no matter how small – I urge you to bring it to mine or Kate’s attention. We are the people to speak to. While I am often not there on a Wednesday, I am up at the Club at least 3 times a week and am always available on the telephone or by email. We cannot assist if we don’t know the problem.

As far as I know this Sunday March 29th, we are still hosting the weekend pennants. If you are available to spot, please let me know so I can coordinate the day.  Bayview has already pulled their team out, and we will not be providing lunch.  Not quite as nice to come in after playing as we can’t socialise. Our Pennant pairs have had mixed success all achieving some wins, draws and some losses. Well done to all the team. 

Upcoming events:

None: Monash have cancelled their Charity Day and Gordon have cancelled their Vets Visitors Day.

Janet King