Chairman’s Update

Transformation Status and Organisational Governance

Dear Members

Since the AGM in late October 2019, and the update provided at that time on progressing the transformation plan, it is timely to report on progress.

The following is the current state of play:

  • A Memorandum of Understanding was executed with Taylor Construction Group to progress further detailed design and planning and develop a more final design and financial model, that can be shared with members, with an intention to produce ultimately a Development Application (DA) that will be submitted to authorities
  • A small committee of board and club members has formed to engage and work with Taylor and has been meeting regularly to construct the framework, detailed designs, finalise the project development plan and project manage the process and way forward
  • A design review group has formed with Taylor to iterate the intended new clubhouse and community facility in its more final form, and address any course redesign aspects that arise
  • Legal and tax experts have been engaged to ensure we consider any and all legal and financial aspects of the project, its structure and approach
  • Cultural and Environmental assessments have been progressed as part of any and ultimate DA to be finalised
  • Topographical and land surveys have been conducted to factor into the more final design considerations of the overall project and its various elements
  • Test boring of the land is being conducted to better understand the makeup of the sub-surface below the clubs owned land to factor into design considerations
  • Liaison with Land Title Registry to address some specific boundary line considerations in the possible configuration of new building structures along Deepwater Road
  • Initial informal contact with Council Town Planning representatives held to build awareness and gain input into design and configuration aspects across the Clubhouse, Community Hub, Senior Living Development and Course design segments

In the next 2-3 months, we expect to have a revised possibly penultimate development design completed that can be financially modelled and understand more accurately the financial considerations of the project between Taylor and the Club. Subject to that, we will be at a stage where member sessions will be conducted to share the outputs and facilitate discussions and build awareness of the more final intentions.

In parallel with this stage, more substantive discussions will be held with Council and in concert with the members sessions and feedback, it is envisaged that a final package of information will be shared with members, preceding any EGM process to consider certain resolutions and decisions to commit and progress. Following that, a formal and final DA will be prepared and finalised and progressed.

These are just small but steady steps towards progressing our transformation, that will address what we offer as a club, its facilities and course, to attract and retain members and enhance our offer to the local community. The process as previously communicated, will require patience, as the period from DA submission to approval to construction and completion in likely to take in the vicinity of 4 years.


In another recent important milestone, members will recall the board’s decision last year to streamline the governance and framework of our various operational activities. Alongside the existing Board Sub-committees tasked with Transformation/Finance and Marketing, the decision was made to merge the former Men’s and Ladies Committees and integrate that with the Course Committee (old Greens Committee).

Following that decision, the board invited representatives of the former Men’s and Ladies Committees to consider the approach to an integrated new Golf Committee, which would become a key sub-committee of the board and have responsibility for all matters in regard to golf fixtures/events/rules/course maintenance and future course design.

The board in the last week has reviewed, revised and finalised those aspects and adopted a charter governing the structure, implementation and governance of the new Golf Committee. The new streamlined approach while consolidating several prior bodies and committees for logical efficiency reasons, has some unique elements as its prior bodies were in part nominated and elected by members and some were simply appointed by board selection. We have developed a sensible hybrid approach to address and continue that approach.

The new Golf Committee will comprise 7 positions including a female and male Captain, female and male Vice-Captain, a club member nominated/elected by members, a club member appointed by the board and the Club Manager as a permanent ex-officio member. A sub-committee of that body will deal with course maintenance issues. The Chair of the Golf Committee will be selected/appointed by the board from the representatives elected/appointed. To align the cycle of the committee, the initial committee will be appointed for 19 months to time to the 2021 AGM as the Committee appointment process will be undertaken in the weeks around the Club’s overall AGM process.

In the coming days, Janet King and John Berry as the current Captains, will be communicating with members on the nominations and if required a voting process, with a view to having all positions filled/appointed during March 2020.

My thanks to all that have contributed to this important governance change.

As always, I am available if any members wish to chat further on any of the above

Personal Regards

John Rumpler