Well, the rains have come, and our nice little course has transformed from the Simpson Desert to Augusta National. 

And correspondingly our version of the Masters has just concluded

The final scores were:

A Grade:  Denis Gibson (Champion) 218, Ian Manton Hall 221, Gareth Parker 230

B Grade: Mick Crook (Champion) 251, Greg Dare 253, Bill Trestrail 254

C Grade: Bob Hobbs (Champion) 269, Chris Smith 271, Barry Lambert 271


Everyone by now will have experienced a significant drop in their handicaps, following the implementation of a new measurement system. All things are relative, but it’s certainly had an impact on our scores. On consecutive days 36 and 37 points were sufficient to win – a long time since that’s happened!  Don’t worry, as I speak, our handicaps are creeping out – ever so slowly. Nevertheless, make sure you bring up the subject of your handicap at your next dinner party to impress your fellow guests. Many of us have never had handicaps so low. Cash in now.


There is much uncertainty whether this event will take place due to restrictions caused by coronavirus, but hopefully we will find a way.

If it goes ahead, this will be the draw – please advise Ron Whyte or Lee Frankish if you’d like to participate.


17th May   vs Macarthur Grange at home

24th May   vs Macarthur Grange away

31st May    vs Roseville away

7th June     vs Roseville at home**

14th June   vs Fox Hills away

21st June    vs Fox Hills at home

**Note this is the Sunday of the Queen’s Birthday weekend.

 Dormie Weekend

Our events and tourism manager, Peter McCarthy, has just advised the official dates for this year’s trip, as always subject to world happenings.

The dates would be the Friday 9th October through to Sunday 11th October 2020, circumstances willing.

Please diarise the dates and also let Peter, Alberto Marchetto or myself know if you are interested.


The men’s committee as it’s currently constituted will cease to exist in the coming months. What will take its place will be known as the Golf Committee a combination of men’s and women’s committees, the greens committee and the match committee. 

The new committee will initially comprise the men’s and women’s captains and vice-captains, the club manager (Kate), a member nominated by the Board and a member elected / voted on by the membership at large.

So, this could be my final newsletter, but maybe I’ll squeeze in one more. Thanks to you all for generous support over many years.


Good golfing and fun golfing!  

Cheers, Lee Frankish.