Good Morning

I would like to thank you all for being patient in this time of adjustments and changes. Tom and I are doing our best to accommodate as many of you as we can whilst trying to keep competitions going as near to normal as we possibly can. There will be some slight alterations over the next few weeks, so I ask that you are conscious of getting online and knowing your tee time. Again, please only arrive at the golf course 15 minutes before your hit off time. This is to minimise any congregating both in the car park and on the terrace that may occur if we have too many players arriving too early.

When playing in a competition, for those members not using the Miscore scoring app, these are the steps you must adhere to;

·         the staff member on duty will hand you the card of your playing partner and yours to them.

·         Please mark the card then at the end of the round sign it as the marker.

·         Hand it back to the Pro Shop. You DO NOT need it signed by the player.

·         EACH member is to hand back the card that they marked. Do not send both cards back together.

The whole point is to reduce the interaction between players. Over the last few competitions some members have been handing both cards back together defeating the whole purpose of what we are trying to do.

Again, I thank you for your continued support and patience.

Kate Macdouall