Dear Fellow Golfers,

I thought that a few words might be a small compensation for all of us who for one reason or another can not play golf at the moment and I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate those of you who are venturing forth. I played 9 holes last week and the course was immaculate and the weather has been perfect. I would like to say thank you on your behalf to Tom and Kate and their helpers for keeping the course open and to Kate particularly for her efforts to ensure that all those who are playing are aware of the rules and obligations they must observe.

I like all of you no doubt  am managing to keep myself occupied and am reluctantly getting used to this change to my lifestyle.  The footpaths in our neighbourhood and the bush tracks are well used.

All those to-do lists are getting smaller and the pile of books is slowly decreasing, but I miss the social activities and getting together with friends and family, and especially my golf, as I’m sure you all do too.  Family/friends ZOOM meetings and phone calls fill the void a little, but they’re not quite the same as face-to-face contact.  However, imagine how much more difficult and lonely life would have been if this had happened pre-internet.  Let us be thankful for the technological age!

I look forward to us all getting back to golf, and a very revamped season sometime soon.

Stay well and look after yourselves.

Regards . . Janet