Board Update

Membership Renewal, Club and Course Status and Transformation Status       

Dear Members

Earlier this week, the board met (by zoom) for its regular monthly meeting.

We reviewed the challenging environment for the club, the impact on members, the continued closure of the Castle Bar, and the likelihood that it may be some time before that changes. It was pleasing to note the significant public player usage of the course as some compensation in the last month or so, but we recognise that the uplift from the public may be brief.

Key decisions reached which we felt important to keep members abreast of included:

  • The creation of a new membership category between our Junior Membership category (below 18) and the green membership (18 to 40) to appeal more effectively to the young adult demographic with a cost-effective offer. The new Red Category for 18 -28-year old’s, has soft launched this week with some immediate success and will be widely promoted shortly to this specific target segment.
  • The annual membership renewal review was completed and in balancing the financial challenges we continue to incur, as in prior years, with the affordability challenges to members and our wish to retain the support of members; we decided to set the 2020/21 membership fees at the same level as the prior year. Thus, there will be no increase to any existing category. In addition, considering the Castle Bar closure until Covid19 related restrictions allow us to economically reopen the bar, it has been decided to not apply a Bar Levy for the 2020/21 year. As and when the Bar reopens, members will be encouraged to not only use the bar service, but place/credit funds as and when they feel appropriate into their bar accounts to cover their regular food and beverage spending when frequenting the Bar. Annual Membership invoices will be issued in the next 1-2 weeks and are due for payment by 1 July 2020.
  • We reviewed the status of the Castle Bar and the recent first stage limited easing of restrictions announced by state authorities. As we are a registered club, we are guided by those specific state directives, and operating a table only waiter service model (which is what stage one only allows for) does not align practically or economically to the Castle Bar to be able to function. We will therefore need to patiently await subsequent stages and levels of easing that allows for the bar to be open, ordering from the counter, etc and obviously subject to social distancing and numerical restrictions as prescribed. We will keep members informed closer to when the Castle Bar is in prospect of reopening and any details thereof.
  • We last updated members in February 2020 on the status of the Transformation Project, on the progress regarding preliminary designs, analysis, consultations with stakeholders including authorities, and the like. That continues, albeit slowed significantly by the impacts of Covid19, but progress is being made. We expect iterations of the designs, financial models and consultations with Council and other parties will have reached a stage where we can hold member events to brief you on the intentions by August/September this year. The format that will take is unclear bearing in mind Covid 19 restrictions and the likelihood of holding face to face meetings with large numbers of people being problematic at this time. We will connect closer to the time with specific day time and evening dates and times and advise what alternate means, by use of video conferencing, teleconferencing, pre-produced video briefings, etc will be made available to share information, materials and provide an opportunity for Q & A’s.

Please keep safe and well

Personal Regards

John Rumpler

Chair and on behalf of the Board of Directors

21 May 2020