Dear Members

With the slightly eased restrictions announced by the government to take effect next week, we are re-opening the Castle Bar effective Tuesday 2nd June 2020. 

COVID-19 has given the club the opportunity to take a hard look at certain practises that have evolved with the operation of the club, in particularly the Castle Bar. I’m not sure if it is a widely known fact that the Castle Bar is the largest contributor to our past and present deficits. As a result, there will be several changes. Some of these changes will be temporary i.e. the number of people allowed in at any one time, table service only, no ordering at bar counter (as these are Covid19 restrictions placed on registered clubs);  however some changes are here to stay. 

The permanent changes have been put in place because we believe they are a more responsible way to operate and in the long run they will be more cost effective in helping to manage the Castle Bar and minimise losses.

They relate to menu options, hours of operation and staffing.

There will be a streamlined menu available, a very slimmed down version for Tuesday to Fridays, and a slightly expanded menu for Saturdays. We will have only one dedicated employee operating in the Castle Bar at this stage, with adhoc support as required from the Pro Shop. The hours of operations have been revised and is as follows:

·      Tuesday 10am – 4pm

·      Wednesday 10am – 3pm

·      Thursday 10am – 3pm

·      Friday 10am – 4pm

·      Saturday 9.30am – 5pm

When you arrive on any given day to play golf, it will be preferred if you would order your lunch before you play golf. The order forms will be available in the Proshop when you register. 

Some of the temporary changes are;

·      15 people allowed in the Castle Bar at any one time.

·      2 people at a table only. There is to be no merging of tables to form larger groups.

·      There will be tables of 2 out on the terrace as well.

·      Table service only. You are not to approach the bar. Please take a seat and someone will come and take   your order.

·      Upon entering the Castle Bar, you will be required to print your name and mobile phone number on an attendance list

·      All of the above are required by government directed Covid19 regulations. 

We ask for everyone’s support and patience with both the temporary changes but more importantly the permanent changes we have made and understanding the reasoning behind them. 

We encourage everyone to come in and patronize the Castle Bar, support us now that we are back up and running because without the support of the members, we won’t have a Castle Bar.