June Captains Report.


Dear Fellow Golfers,

How strange it has all been for the last few months. The only thing that

has remained relatively normal is golf! Too normal looking at my golf

scores. But how amazing is technology I may find it hard to get back to

normal after the many advantages of meeting via Zoom or on line….


Zoom wine club meetings meant I didn’t need to worry about driving!! 

Church on line meant I slept in on a Sunday morning and went in

my dressing gown!! Bridge on line meant I didn’t have to physically

face my opponent when I make the wrong call!! But it doesn’t make up

for catching up in person. I do hope everyone has kept well and safe

and I look forward to seeing everyone back at the club soon.


Well things are slowly getting back to normal.

It is good to see the Thursday competition building up again. Even

though it is a medley if there are enough ladies playing there will be a

prize for the top lady. So do come and join us if you can.


I am also playing the Club Championships on Wednesday and Thursday

this year. The Saturday players can compete on a Wednesday or

Thursday and this way we are not trying to play stroke in a round where

the men may be playing stableford.


We have unfortunately had to say goodbye to a number of Saturday

ladies who have moved onto bigger clubs more suitable to their

improving golf standard. We will miss them and our Saturdays won’t

be quite the same but we wish them all the best and happy golfing.  

It goes without saying they are always welcome to come and join us any Saturday.


The Women’s Main Fixtures will be on line.. as there is no book it

will be in my report and pinned up at the Club. I have managed to fit in

all the fixtures for the year though it will run fairly late in the season. It

starts next month with the singles K/O.


8th, 9th                        Medal + Qualifying Round Singles K/O

                                    Qualifying Round Singles K/O  9/18 – 8 to qualify

19th,                            1st Round Singles K/O to be completed by today

22nd, 23rd                  Charity Day – Walter and Eliza


1st, 5th, 6th                 Medal & Nora Walters Trophy

                                    Best Score Wed, Thurs, Sat

2nd                              2nd Round Singles K/O to be completed by today

16th                             Final Round Singles K/O to be completed    

19th, 20th                    Grandmothers Trophy


Janet King