Captains Report for 2020.

As we no longer have a Ladies Committee AGM, I have produced this report to be sent out to all Lady Members.

2020 has been a very different year for golfers. Covid hitting us early in the year meant a change to the numbers who could play and changes to our playing conditions. It meant that earlier in the year all competitions were cancelled. Despite the changes Covid made to our competitions, it had the reverse effect on the course seeing large numbers of the Public playing daily. It was so nice to see our course being so well used once again.

Sadly, at the end of June we farewelled a number of our Saturday ladies, choosing to leave the club to spread their wings on 18 hole courses. While this depleted the Saturday play for a while it has since built back up and we have a really nice Saturday competition once again.

While there is a very healthy 9 hole competition on a Thursday, the number of lady members playing 18 was for a while quite depleted. To improve the numbers the Club organised a Medley on the Thursday and while we get a small group of men playing, we are again seeing a nice group of lady members playing.

As our numbers become less the number of Prizes and Trophies, we award for various golfing events during the year become harder and harder to fund. Consequently In 2021 the Ladies will trial having:

•   One Medal (in line with the men) the best of Wednesday and Saturday – both days will still be recorded separately for the NSW Medal Competition running March to September.  

•   9 holes to have a Medal (Glass) for their medal rounds March to September. 

•   Rather than prizes all runners-up will receive a glass. (this being an economical and usable prize.)

•   The Ladies will trial playing for less events and stop awarding prizes for Net winners (except in the Club Championship.)

•   The Lady and Men’s events will still have Prizes and Trophies awarded at a Presentation at the end of the year. 

•   The board has nominated $4000.00 of Club monies for prizes and medals (men and women). Both groups will still run raffles to assist with this cost.


It was resolved to continue to play for the various Trophies with the exception of:

•   The Ruth Runge – we did discuss retaining this and making it a competition for all retired committee members but finally decided it was one we could cease to play.

•   The Encouragement and the Most Improved

•   The Foursomes Championship.

•   We will retain the Bronze Foursomes Premiership, but this will be for all handicaps and will be 27 Holes, or two rounds of 18 holes depending on a decision from the Ladies.

2021 Playing fixtures:

Following suggestions from lady members I am programming:

•   The Saturday Summer Cup and the Weekday Summer Competition will be combined into one competition, running from December to the end of January. Points will be awarded 3-win, 2-second, 1-for playing. Your designated day will apply.

•   One different event each month i.e. Par rounds, Ambrose, Canadian Foursomes and teams events.

•   Playing some of the Trophies as stableford events from the plates rather than them all being combined with a Medal Round.

•   Wed/Thurs will be the days all competitions are played.

•   Wed/Sat will remain Medal Rounds.


The Captain’s Report will now be published each month in the Castlecove Newsletter. This will also include Greens, Mens, Pro-shop and Board Reports in an effort to keep all members up to date with news and events from Castlecove.

Finally, I would like to thank Brenda Forsythe for nominating to be my Vice-Captain and consequently ensuring there will be a Captain in 2021/22.

 Janet King