Dear Members,

Congratulations to the President’s team winning the Captains and Presidents again this year.

Also please note we are playing the Club Championship 18 holes on both Wednesdays and

Thursdays. At the moment the computer does not reflect this but I will have it corrected. As it is a

medley on Thursday I will ask the Pro-shop to provide separate lines for the ladies following the

men’s groups as you will be playing stroke. It maybe you will need to record the results on cards

rather than the phones but I will check this with the Pro-shop.

Over the years we have played for a number of trophies and major tournaments such as Singles

K/O, Club Championships, etc. Trophies have been engraved and donations have come from you

the members, the Ladies Committee and the Club to pay for the engraving

and to award monetary prizes as well. It added up last year to approximately $2500. As our

numbers decrease we need to look at what prizes we need to award and how we fund them. There will always be some monies forthcoming from the club and through our raffles but most of it will be as donations from you the members. Therefore do we look at:

Playing less competitions – ideas re those you think could go…

Doing away with some of the trophies

Awarding the trophy and monetary prize to just the winners

Dropping all trophies therefore just awarding a monetary prize and card recording the event on a    

presentation card.

Getting all lady members to donate $20/30.00 at the beginning of each year which will be used to

cover prizes, engraving and maybe runner-up prizes for major competitions.

I doubt there will be a dinner this year and the committee felt we would have a Presentation on the closing day – with a lunch, if rules have changed, but this is in the future.  As we have been asked

by the Course Committee to combine as many aspects (aligning major matches, prizes etc) as possible with the Men in 2021, the future of Presentations will be up for discussion next year, but I would still like your opinion/preference for Presentation.

So Lady members it is up to you and I value as many opinions as possible.


Janet King