Dear Members

At the directive of the Chairman, and following the state government’s announcement in relation to QR code’s at food and beverage venues, I advise the following changes to our COVID management plan in relation to entry to the Castle Bar.

The existing practice of registering your arrival at the Castle Bar with either the use of the QR code located at the table inside the entrance door, or the manual registration on the sheet supplied has been generally complied with, although observed instances of people walking straight past the check in table continue to occur. 

We understand that sometimes we can be a bit forgetful to register, but with immediate effect, due to the punitive financial penalties that can arise, staff may demand and direct you back to the entry table to register.

As of Tuesday 17th  Nov, the use of manual registration will cease, and it will become mandatory for a QR registration to happen upon entry to the Castle Bar. 

– if you have not used the QR code before, the process is as follows:

  1. activate your camera on your mobile phone
  2. position the camera view so that it places the QR code on the screen and a link will appear on your screen. Click the link and it will take you to a registration screen
  3. Complete the fields on the screen (name, phone number, email address) and it contains provision through a drop down box at the top of the screen to register up to 10 other people (where any people in your accompany do not have a mobile phone to register themselves)
  4. press the Confirm box on the screen

The QR code will auto populate your details on the registration screen whenever you further visit the Castle Bar on future occasions (i.e. you only need to complete the fields the first time)

– all members are required to bring their phone into the Castle Bar, so they may register themselves.

– Only members without a smart phone (they do not own one), may ask another member to register them using phone or as a last resort ask a staff member to do so. This can be done in the Pro Shop.

– There will be no exceptions to registration requirements, due to the legal obligations on the club, and refusal to register will result in you being asked to leave the clubhouse.

– This process is mandatory. The Club respects everyone has a right to their own opinion, but we are legally required to apply these requirements, it is the clubs premises and objections made to staff are both unproductive and quite frankly inconsiderate.

 There is also a QR code in the Pro Shop for golfers playing on the course that are not on a timesheet. This means any golfer playing socially will also have to scan the QR code in the Pro Shop. 

– We expect this government requirement may be around for some time, so we suggest all members without exception, get used to these changes and immediately apply them.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation with this matter.