Good Morning Members

Commencing Saturday 13th March, we will be running a Hole in One Jackpot!

What is that? I hear you say, well every player playing in a competition can at the cost of $1 per round, enter the Hole in One Jackpot.

When a player that has entered the jackpot is lucky/skilled enough to get a Hole in One they will receive the entire amount of the jackpot!

Just to clarify, you must have contributed to the fund on the day you got the hole in one in order to receive the cash!

There is a secure box in the Pro Shop and a ledger to keep track of who has entered. You will need to bring ‘actual’ money, no eftpos!

This is for ALL members, men and women but will only be paid out to Hole in Ones attained during a competition round.

Good luck to all!!!

Kate Macdouall